History: Soeur Saint Agnes

Soeur Saint Agnes
1825 - 1890
Born: Marie Roques

Marie Roques was born on May 20, 1825 in Revoltarié (Aveyron). While still young, she went to Béziers as a domestic in the Cure household where she came to know Father Gailhac and chose him as her confessor.  Recognizing in her the qualities of character suitable for the congregation he wished to found, especially her great simplicity and purity, Gailhac suggested that she become part of the new Institute.  Marie accepted his proposal, anxiously awaiting the moment of entrance.

When Bishop Thibault set the exact date of foundation, Father Gailhac asked her to return from her native village where she had gone to recover from an illness. She came at once, ready to begin a new life, showing great fidelity to the promise she had made before her sickness.  Marie was uncommon in her strength of character, courage and determination. Her unbounded spirit of sacrifice and self forgetfulness made her always ready to help when needed.  She spared neither effort nor fatigue when it was a question of common good.  

A Journey in Faith and Time
History of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary Vol 1.
Sr. Rosa do Carmo Sampaio, RSHM 
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