Ministries: Pastoral Work

Cormaria Retreat Center, Sag Harbor, NY

Cormaria Retreat House offers hospitality to people of all faiths for spiritual and human growth. The staff of Cormaria considers this inclusive hospitality as an expression of the RSHM call to celebrate God's love and to make that love known to others. Aware that the Spirit is present when "people come away and rest a while," the mission of Cormaria is to create an atmosphere where the Spirit flourishes for the life and dignity of all. Cormaria offers guided, directed and private retreats, as well as spiritual direction and days of prayer. Established as a school in 1943, Cormaria was converted to a retreat center in 1949 and can now accommodate 72 retreatants in an idyllic setting on the water.

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Pastoral Care  

Pastoral Care takes many forms. RSHM minister as nurses, chaplains, and volunteers in hospitals, nursing homes, senior centers and hospice teams. They work in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and prisons. They are engaged in many parish outreach activities.


Prison Chaplaincy 

Recognizing the inherent worth and dignity of all people, prison chaplains perceive prison ministry to be our gospel call to be present and serve those affected by the criminal justice system - inmates, their families the larger community or the criminal justice itself. This responsibillity comes from Christ's admonition to each of us..."whatever you do to the've done to me." (Matthew 25)






Care of Our Elderly Sisters
In the Eastern American Province, Marymount Convent, Tarrytown, NY, is the home of many of our retired or chronically ill sisters. An RSHM coordinator and her staff ensure a life-giving community for these sisters. Some of the sisters are actively retired and continue to do volunteer work both in the Convent or in the Tarrytown area. Others are cared for in our infirmary by a professional and dedicated nursing staff. All sisters at Marymount Convent continue the RSHM mission "that all may have life" through their ministry of prayer.




 Amacuzac, Morelos México

Amacuzac is located in the southern part of the state of Morelos. The RSHM presence in Amacuzac began on April 9, 1995.   Sisters from Mexico, California, Brazil, and New York live and serve in this interprovincial community.  Since arriving, the RSHM have been a consistent presence among the women, children, and ecclesial communities in Amacuzac. The sisters have been involved in the lives of the people in various ways: catechesis of children and formation of catechists; collaboration with women in Bible and support groups; presiding at celebrations of the Word and Communion Services; visiting the sick; conducting literacy classes; providing eyeglasses for those unable to afford them; accompanying young adult groups; advocating for civil and legal rights and for services in the villages. Perhaps most important, the RSHM presence and hard work has enabled young girls and women to continue their education.                               

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