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“I truly believe that God wants us to open a great door into this immense country.”  (Gailhac, 22 January 1877) 

Our Legacy

The legacy of the Religious of Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM) in California and Mexico (Western American Area)

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Our beginnings in California and Mexico

Western American Area – 100th Anniversary Celebration

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Panel 1 – First Marymount in The West: 28th Street

Panel 2 – Marymount School, Los Angeles | Westwood

Panel 3 – Marymount Junior College, Westwood | Marymount College, Palos Verdes

Panel 4 – Marymount High School, Los Angeles

Panel 5 – Marymount School, Palos Verdes

Panel 6 – Marymount College – Affiliations

Panel 7 – Marymount College – Merger Negotiation

Panel 8 – Loyola Marymount University – 50th Anniversary

Panel 9 – Marymount School, Santa Barbara | Montecito

Panel 10 – Corvallis High School, San Fernando Valley

Panel 11 – Parish Schools – Archdiocese of Los Angeles

Panel 12 – Sacred Heart of Mary High School, Montebello

Panel 13 – San Jose, California

Panel 14 – Marymount School – Cuernavaca, Mexico

Panel 15 – Acolman & Amacuzac Ministries

Panel 16 – Ahoskie, North Carolina | Zambia Ministries

Panel 17 – South Central Lamp & A Place Called Home Ministries

Panel 18 – Collaborations – NGO, CAST LA, CRS

Panel 19 – Ministries – Pastoral, Health, Prison, Spirituality, Elderly

Panel 20 – Ministries – Environment, Arts, Media, Music, Photography

Panel 21 – Working for Justice

Panel 22 – Boards & Committees

Panel 23 – Service to RSHM

Panel 24 – Initial & Ongoing Formation

Panel 25 – RSHM Life

Panel 26 – Lifelong Service & Fullness of Life

Dear Visitors,

We’re excited to share a momentous occasion with all of you — the 100th anniversary of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary (RSHM)! A century of unwavering dedication, service, and impact is truly a cause for celebration.
In honor of this remarkable milestone, we’re collecting well wishes from friends and well-wishers like you. Would you take a brief moment to share your heartfelt congratulations and good wishes to the RSHM community.
Sending your well wishes is easy simply fill out the form below.
Let’s make this 100th anniversary unforgettable by coming together and sharing the positivity that the RSHM has brought to the world for a century.
Thank you for being a part of this momentous occasion!