Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary are women called to belong totally and unreservedly to God in prayer, action, and community.


Founder Father Jean Gailhac, Founderess, and Mother St. Jean Pelissier Cure, Foundress and First Superior.


From our founding, RSHM have been engaged ministries focusing on empowering women and children.



Religiosas del Sagrado Corazón de María somos mujeres, llamadas a pertenecer totalmente y sin reservas a Dios en oración, acción, y comunidad.


The Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary is an international congregation of Catholic women religious. We serve in 13 countries in diverse ministries. We invite you to explore this website of our California and México province to learn more about our mission and history, our sisters and ministries, and to learn how you can collaborate with us in meeting the needs of God’s people.

To know and love God, to make God known and loved, and to proclaim that Jesus Christ has come that all may have life.– RSHM Constitutions #7

RSHM Podcast

We feature stories of Spirit and Heart: Conversations with a RSHM Sister.
We invite you to listen to our podcast and learn more about our mission, history, RSHM spirituality, our sisters and ministries.

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Season of Creation

“In this Season of Creation, we pray that you would call to us, as from the burning bush, with the sustaining fire of your Spirit. Breathe upon us. Open our ears and move our hearts. Teach us to contemplate...

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A Widow's Transformation Official Trailer (legendas em português)

A Widow's Transformation

Celebrating 100 years in the Western American Area

We would like to share with you one of the projects we have done as part of the celebration of the Western American Area Centenary Celebration and the Year of Gailhac.  “A Widow’s Transformation” is a Short Film depicting a contemporary issue, connecting Father Gailhac’s insight and charism as relevant for today.

The film is about Carmen, a recent widow whose husband unexpectedly dies of a heart attack. Carmen finds herself in a chaotic whirlwind: growing arguments with her daughter, on the brink of financial ruin of the family business, and personal relationships that just aren’t the same. Carmen is in need of spiritual transformation. With the help of her sister-in-law and through the teachings of Father Gailhac, Carmen must piece together her life one hurdle at a time.  Running time: 20 minutes.

Here are the links to the film on RSHMChanel:

A Widow’s Transformation           Original version (English)

La Transformación de Una Viuda     Spanish version (Subtitles)

A Transformação de Uma Viúva  Portuguese version (Subtitles)

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“Called to be Community”

As apostolic religious, we believe that community, the witness of unity among people of diverse ages, background, cultures and racial origins, is at the heart of our mission in a fragmented and divided world.

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The mission of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary is “to know and love God, to make God known and loved, to proclaim that Jesus Christ has come that all may have life.” Since our founding in 1849, this faith vision of the founder has been implemented in different ways, according to the needs of the times in various cultures. Our Mission Statement today emphasizes our work for those “most in need of justice” and we are especially committed to the empowerment of women and children.

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