Saturday, June 15 2024

In the Church for the life of the world

Over the decades, our life and ministries have been shaped by our attentiveness to the invitations of the Church, global and local, and the needs of the people of God. Sisters, having taught in parochial schools and thoroughly invested in the life of the community, prepared themselves to serve in parishes as pastoral associates, religious educators, liturgical ministers, and spiritual guides.  Supporting inclusion and participation, sisters have recognized the giftedness of others and fostered their participation in the life of the Church. 

Within our faith communities we encounter those on the margins, the ill, lonely, brokenhearted, alienated and the incarcerated. Sisters have seen, heard and been present to them in many ways. Partnering with parish and regional projects to educate for justice, to provide clothing, food, shelter, and educational opportunities to those in need.

Teaching Bible studies and initiating groups that focus on the development of the whole person, mentoring and supporting young adults on their spiritual journey, and promoting the New Evangelization through radio programs are other pastoral expressions and ways of building up the Church for the life of the world.