Sunday, September 24 2023

That all may have life, that all may be one, that all we believe and all we become may be for…the greater glory of God Tony Alonso

Over the last 50 years LMU has expanded its programs and enhanced the campus to provide for the care and integral development of students, meeting the educational challenges of the times. The University reflects the many facets of diversity that characterize our rich and complex local and global reality. With initiative, creativity, and imagination LMU provides a path for students to develop their full potential, becoming leaders in society, the arts, industry, and other fields of influence. Despite the women making the L into an M, on the hillside, the partnership has endured. Rooted in the educational traditions and charisms of the Jesuits, Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary, and the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange, with the commitment of the Administration and Board of Trustees, LMU will in successive decades continue to form and educate women and men for others, persons with “intelligent hearts and compassionate minds”.