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Internationality is also a gift from RSHM origins. Marymount celebrates diversity, fosters cultural sensitivity, religious understanding, and a global perspective.

In 1955 a few acres of land in Cuernavaca, Mexico were given to the RSHM on condition that they build a school within 3 years.  Graduates from RSHM schools in the USA, living in Mexico City, wanted an RSHM school for their children. 

In October 1957, Sisters Audrey Rushton (Renee) and Margaret Mary Allen were sent to Mexico to find a suitable place for Marymount in Cuernavaca.  They were offered a small house until a building for the school could be found. The day after the sisters arrived in Cuernavaca, 18 mothers appeared to register their daughters.  

Sisters Audrey and Margaret Mary searched for a place for an elementary school, a house overlooking the city of Cuernavaca was chosen. They moved on December 8, 1957, classes began in February 1958, with 35 students and a faculty of 4.  

The next year the sisters met a man whose hacienda on Rancho Tetela was suitable for a high school, with 10 acres of land, a well and reservoir. The property was transferred to the RSHM in 1959, and a wing for classrooms and bedrooms for boarders was added. 

Marymount Cuernavaca continued to grow. It has a reputation for excellent Catholic education.  In 1990, the RSHM began the process of handing on the operation and eventual ownership of Marymount Cuernavaca to a lay board entrusted with carrying on the school’s mission. It ceased taking boarders in the late 1980s, became coeducational in 1993 and in 2007 the Chapultepec Campus opened for nursery, kindergarten, and elementary school students. Marymount Cuernavaca is an active member of the Global Network of RSHM Schools. 

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