Sunday, September 24 2023

“…All your counsels and your ideals too, they will guide us our whole life through…”

RSHM directed and staffed St. Francis de Sales School, Sherman Oaks, from 1949-2009 and St. Patrick School, North Hollywood, from 1952-1987. Creating an environment to facilitate and support the academic, spiritual, and social development of the students. The RSHM were a “steady and nurturing presence”. 

The curriculum was full, challenging and engaging. There was always something happening in the classroom or on the playground that brought squeals of laughter or cheers for accomplishments. The school year was filled with activities, special programs, celebrations of the sacraments, and annual festivals that fully involved the faculty, staff, children, and parents. 

For decades the sisters, dedicated to the education and faith formation of students, helped shape the lives of young people and their supported families. Immersed in the life of both faith communities, the RSHM have been blessed with enduring relationships. 

In East Los Angeles, Fr. O’Dowd desired an elementary school.  His plea for sisters was heard and the new St. Alphonsus School, staffed by RSHM, opened in 1945 to 800 children.  At its peak, early ‘50s, there were 1,100 students, the largest elementary school in the Archdiocese.

The curriculum and activities reflected the RSHM commitment to the education of the whole person. The students participated and competed in a variety of activities both local and Archdiocesan, sports, dance, music, and forensics with parents, faculty, and staff engaged wholeheartedly in each event.The RSHM served in educational, social, and pastoral ministries at St. Alphonsus until 1995. The sisters, thoroughly invested in the life of the school and faith community, enjoy treasured and long-standing relationships with students, parents, and parishioners.