Friday, December 1 2023

Tua Luce Dirige/Guide us by Your Light

On September 24, 1933, a Junior College opened in a section of Marymount School, Los Angeles and on July 7, 1948, Marymount received its Four-Year College Charter.

Marymount College, Los Angeles continued to grow. In 1960 Marymount College moved to a new campus in Palos Verdes Estates, opening its doors with Mother du Sacre Coeur Smith as President. At that time the roads were not yet in nor had the grass begun to grow. The new campus would accommodate 750 women and had a promising future on spacious grounds with a magnificent view of the Pacific.  

On March 10, 1964, Mother du Sacre Coeur died suddenly, her plans for Marymount halfway completed. In 1964-65 Mother Raymunde McKay, former President of Marymount Manhattan College, became President.Immediately, she had doubts about its location and began to consider alternatives.  

With the move of the 4-year College to Loyola University, Los Angeles, the Palos Verdes campus became a two-year college. In 1973 Marymount Palos Verdes College, a Catholic coed two-year college, offered an associate arts degree and a path to matriculate to four-year colleges and universities. Operation of the 2-year College was assumed by a Board of Trustees in 1973.

Marymount Palos Verdes College purchased the vacated property of Marymount School of Palos Verdes and relocated to Rancho Palos Verdes. In 1986 the college changed its name to Marymount College, Palos Verdes. In 2013, to reflect the change in offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, the college changed its name to Marymount California University.  Struggling with viability issues, Marymount California University closed in August 2022.