Sunday, September 24 2023

“Mother Butler established a network of schools to shape girls into Catholic Women who would be lovers of God and leaders in their society.” Kathleen Connell, RSHM 

Ground was broken for Marymount School of Palos Verdes on March 17, 1951, with the first shovel turned by Bishop Timothy Manning, with Mothers Gerard and Baptiste, along with others present for the blessing.  

The school year opened in September 1952, with fifty students, ranging from first to tenth grades with the first 15 students graduating in June 1956. By September 1956 there were 136 High School and 237 Junior School students registered. As the number of students continued to increase, campus facilities expanded.  

Long before the Second Vatican Council, the RSHM were committed to Evangelization Ad Gentes. The Mission Club played a large part in the Junior School exhibit of the Mother Butler Guild, the students contributing much needed items to lay missionaries serving foreign missions.Until the late 1960s, sisters maintained a strong presence in the Junior and High Schools. When that changed, the school experienced financial difficulties and in 1972 announced that the High School would close. The entire property was leased to a Parents Board, who took over the operation of the Junior School. Unable to manage it successfully, by November 1974, it was evident that this school could not continue.