Friday, May 24 2024

“Educating children is one of the greatest works, but it costs if it is to bear fruit.” Father Gailhac

The RSHM mission extended to Northern California with the founding of schools in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  In 1955, at the request of Rev. William Butler, Saint Martin of Tours Parochial School in San Jose opened. A year later St. Joseph of Cupertino School, a large parish in the rapidly developing locality opened. 

With the growth of the Archdiocese and development of the Santa Clara Valley, a Catholic high school became a necessity.  The RSHM purchased property and in June 1958, the Friends of Mother Butler Memorial High School helped to raise funds for the new high school and convent. Groundbreaking for Mother Butler Memorial High School was held in July 1958, and a freshman Class began in September 1959.   

MBM was a part of a new parish, and its auditorium served as the church for 2 years.  When Queen of Apostles church and elementary school were completed in 1964, the RSHM were asked to staff the school, our last foundation in Northern California. 

In the 1960’s the parochial schools and MBM High School flourished, each playing a significant part in the development of the Santa Clara Valley.  In the late 1960’s the RSHM had fewer sisters to staff schools and withdrew from St. Martin of Tours School in June 1971. Enrollment at Mother Butler Memorial declined when the Archdiocese opened a Catholic co-educational high school minutes away.  With fewer students and RSHM to staff MBM, it closed after the last class graduated in 1972.  The RSHM continued at Queen of Apostles School until 1973 and at St. Joseph of Cupertino School until 1988. 

The closing of Mother Butler Memorial High School