Sunday, September 24 2023

“The aims of a Marymount education are manifold:  to educate the heart and mind, and to provide for each student’s total growth, intellectually, spiritually, socially, and physically.”  M. Joseph Butler, RSHM.

A six-acre tract in the Bel-Air hills was purchased in September 1929 for the new location of Marymount School. A month later, the Stock Market crashed.  Miraculously, school attendance was not affected. With strong faith, building plans were made, and a loan secured.

In 1931 the ground was broken and blessed for the new structure and Mothers Butler and Gerard arrived for the dedication and laying of the cornerstone. In September 1932, Marymount School, Los Angeles opened its doors in Westwood, with a curriculum designed to integrate the arts, culture, and languages with the other disciplines. The halls were filled with the joy of Junior and High School students, and quiet evenings with the boarders studying. 

The following years saw the growth of Marymount School and the opening of Marymount Junior College on the campus. In 1947 Marymount Junior school relocated to 12001 Sunset Boulevard, providing space for children to play, dance, perform, and swim. The school flourished with a strong academic program for children from kindergarten to eighth grade. In June of 1993 Marymount Junior School, Los Angeles closed after 70 years. 

The 1950’s brought changes to Los Angeles and a need for parochial schools.  Cardinal McIntyre built Christ the King School and finding no sisters to staff it, he appealed to the RSHM. In September 1959, the school opened with four RSHM, a principal and 3 teachers, who commuted from Marymount, Westwood.  Ensuring the school had a strong foundation, the RSHM withdrew in 1969.