Friday, May 24 2024

“We are called to weave new dimensions of our spirituality which generate life and hope for all.”

 2007 General Chapter 

Increasingly aware of the interconnectedness of all creation and immersed in the study of the New Cosmology, the RSHM embraced the need to care for our earth and attend to environmental concerns. Our engagement involved personal and communal commitments to conservation practices, educational programs, participation in local, national, and global advocacy to preserve our Common Home. In Mexico the sisters, using the principles of natural farming, created a communal vegetable field to support and sustain some of the nutritional needs of the people. Focused on a holistic and natural approach to wellness, the sisters provide massage therapy and use flowers to create herbal and organic medicinal treatments. We have embraced the 2015 Laudato Si’ platform and engaged with others in ways to protect our environment and all who call Earth home. Sisters, through a variety of artistic media, have captured the beauty of God’s creation.  

Whether it be for leisure, amateur exploration, or professional endeavors, the sisters have developed their gifts for music and the arts. In singing, composing, or playing an instrument they have contributed to creating an environment appropriate to the occasion, bringing life, hope, and joy to the gathering.  Skilled in a variety of artistic mediums, they have captured significant moments, scenic places, or objects leaving a lasting impression on the viewers. Through a photographic lens, their pictures invite reflection and create enduring memories. Inspired and with skill and precision their hands have crafted pieces that spark our imagination, stir our hearts, and evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Their works have a special space in our homes, with families, churches, and those sites that have a place in our RSHM story.